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The Mini Cradle is a maternity support belt that is wonderfully effective.  I used one during our pregnancy, and it did wonders in relieving back pain, abdominal pains, and even eliminated the contractions I had been having!



  • Reduces back pain and abdominal straining
  • Ideal for twins, triplets, and quads
  • Hook & eye closures for a safe and secure fit

The Prenatal Mini Cradle comes in four sizes:

* Petite (pre-pregnancy pant size 0-5, current weight 90-135 lbs)

* Small (pre-pregnancy pant size 6-12, current weight 136-180 lbs)

* Medium (pre-pregnancy pant size 13-18, current weight 181-225 lbs)

* Large (pre-pregnancy pant size 20-28, current weight 226-270 lbs)

List Price: $25.95
Price: $22.95


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