Recommended Reading

These are a few of our favorite books.  Most were recommended to us from friends and family.  We thought we'd share them with everyone.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

We actually discovered this book on the plane ride home from our honeymoon. The person who shared our row was pregnant, and strongly recommended the book if we ever decided to have kids.As soon as the test showed two stripes, I bought the book. This week-by-week guideline includes information on how mom's body is changing, how the baby is developing, and other issues such as prenatal testing, doctor visits, pregnancy complications, how your actions affect baby's development, etc.


When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads

This book, written by Doctor Barbara Luke, a mother of twins, and Tamara Eberlein, another mother of twins is a "must" for a multiple-mom-to-be's library. I found the information relating to a multiple pregnancy invaluable. The book addresses the differences between a multiple and singleton pregnancy, medical reasons why a multiple mom should not try to keep up with singleton moms, the importance of rest and nutrition in a multiple pregnancy, and how to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications. This book actually provided more information than our care provider on many multiple-related issues.


Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twins Pregnancy

Dr. Gila Leiter, the author of the book, is a mother of twins. This book was given to me shortly after our ultrasound showed us that we were having twins. The book is very informative and provided an excellent base of information for us to answer the question "TWINS! What do we do now?" The book includes trimester-by-trimester "what's happening" chapters which includes the changes in your body, babies' development, and addressed concerns and issues which we found very useful.