Maternity Resources

Resources for your Pregnancy and Beyond!

Welcome to our Resource page!  Below are links to resources, reviews of books and products, recommendations, articles, and just about everything else we could think of to help new and expecting parents. This includes several items of information and advice that we wish we had been given. We're not quite done with this page, so keep checking back.

As both a growing business and a growing family, we are constantly looking for new ideas, products, and websites! If you have any thoughts, comments, recommendations, articles, or favorites of your own, please contact us

Recommended Reading - These books are geared towards new or expecting parents, and are books that are either in our library, or ones that have been recommended by other new parents.

Pregnancy Websites - As you are probably well aware, there is an enormous amount of information on the web pertaining to pregnancy and birth. Here is a listing of websites we found most helpful.

Product Reviews - Pregnancy and new parent products, as well as toys, tested by real families - including our own. We've included information about what works, what doesn't work, and what we could never live without!

New Dad Resources - There's nothing quite like the experience of being a new dad. We've gathered a small number of resources to help Dads get through this new adjustment to their lives!

Just for Siblings -As anyone that's been one knows, being a big brother or big sister can be a little overwhelming. We've gathered a few resources that may help parents assist their child step into his or her new role.

Clubs and Support Groups - Parents need support, too. This is just a partial list of national clubs and support groups for expecting, new, and existing families.

WAHM/SAHM - - Every mom has more than one job. A list of resources, sites and information that Torey has found helpful in her new profession as a work-at-home, stay-at-home mom.

Everything Else - Just like our "catch all" drawer in the kitchen, we found that we had several items we found interesting or helpful that didn't quite fit anywhere else in our listed Resources. Until we can find a permanent home for them, artwork, poems, words of wisdom, and other items of interest, are here.