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Big Sister Diaper Kit
Big Sister Diaper Kit Discounts Apply !
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Little girls love being big sisters - there is just something about having a baby around the house that brings out Mommy's Little Helper.  Even if she is a little too little to handle diaper duty on her own, she'll love having her very own tote bag filled with all sorts of things to help with changing time.

The Big Sister Diaper Kit is a tall tote bag filled with all sorts of good stuff.

Everything for One Diaper Change:
  • 1 Diaper Cream
  • 1 Travel size Hand Wipes
  • 1 Travel size Tush Wipes
  • 1 Real Doctor Face Mask (to help keep the stinkies away)
  • 1 set of ear plugs
  • 1 Diaper
  • 1 Rattle Toy to Play with Baby
  • Goodies just for the new big sister:

  • Pack of Crayons
  • 1 Blue's Clues Activity Book
  • 6" Stuffed Animal
  • And more!
    List Price: $29.95
    Price: $24.95

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