Pregnancy - Morning Sickness Cures

Morning Sickness Cures

Pregnancy related nausea, or "morning sickness", is common among expecting women. There is nothing fun or enjoyable about being queasy and nauseated for a morning, an entire day, week, month - or in some cases - an entire pregnancy. While there are 12 Morning Sickness Preventative Steps, there are times where you just need to feel better.

Are there any pregnancy morning sickness cures?

Unfortunately, there is no magic blue pill (or any other color pill, for that matter) that will instantly cure you from a bout of morning sickness. As with anything else, what works for one person might not work for another. Also, since your body and hormones are constantly changing during pregnancy, don't be surprised if what worked one week doesn't have the same affect on your morning sickness the next. But don't give up hope - there are many things you can take and do for morning sickness nausea!

Home Remedies and Cures for Morning Sickness

Many pregnant moms want to know "what can I take for morning sickness nausea?" The following are real-life remedies and cures for morning sickness that worked with real women during their pregnancies. If you believe that you suffer from morning sickness that goes beyond the ordinary, we urge you to read our article about the Risk of Morning Sickness.

  1. Make yourself eat, especially if your last meal or snack was over two hours ago. Two of the biggest culprits of the queasy stomach and nauseas morning sickness symptoms are low blood sugar and a stomach filled with acid. Eat bland foods - crackers and dry toast for instance, or acid-neutralizing dairy foods like milk, yogurt and ice cream. Many women report near-miraculous recovery once there is something in their stomach.

    I suffered from 24-hour morning sickness for the first trimester - everything triggered waves of nausea. I found the best relief for me was graham crackers and cranberry juice. Knowing now what I wish I had known then, I probably wasn't eating enough for my twin pregnancy, which brought on the nausea, and then was afraid to eat anything because of the nausea symptoms.
  2. Pay attention to your cravings. Many pregnant women have
    complained of severe morning sickness, but when they ate what they craved - which they were sure would worsen their symptoms (a hamburger, taco, or pizza, or Pop Tarts for instance), the nausea went away.
  3. Get out in the fresh air. Take a walk, or simply go outside,
    sit on a bench, and breath in non-stale air. Caution, this may not work in areas where there is a high level of exhaust fumes or cigarette smoke (or other smells that can trigger nausea), high humidity, or high temperatures. However, if it's nice (or even cold) outside, having a breath of air helps clear the nausea.
  4. Stay hydrated! There is no understating the importance of
    staying hydrated and drinking enough water while you are pregnant. If water makes you gag (some women have an aversion to the chlorine and/or minerals found in tap water), the following tricks:
    • Make a blender smoothie using ice and fruit or milk (or yogurt) and fruit. You can add some nuts or whey powder to get some additional protein in your diet, too!
    • Try adding a splash or slice of lemon or lime to very cold water with ice.
    • Have a cup of ginger or mint tea. Stay away from caffeinated
      teas, and be careful of herbal teas - there are some herbal teas that are fine when you're not pregnant, but may cause problems during your baby's development. Check with your care provider before venturing beyond mint and ginger herbal teas.
    • Suck on ice chips. One of my co-workers couldn't stand drinking water, but she was able to eat ice chips all day long. Not just a little ice - she went through eight six-ounce cups of ice a day!
  5. Non-caffeinated carbonated beverages - such as 7-UP, organic
    Ginger Ale, and Sprite, to name a few - bring great relief nausea relief to many people, pregnant or not. Stay away from the diet versions of these drinks; artificial sweeteners can increase nausea, and aren't healthy for your baby's development.
  6. If possible, try lying down in a dark, cool room with your eyes
    closed (the building I worked in had some great rooms in the basement for this type of break). A damp towel draped across your forehead provides additional relief. Sometimes the absence of visual distractions and bright lights helps to calm morning sickness symptoms.
  7. Better yet, take a nap. Sometimes stress and being over-tired
    can trigger morning sickness, and a quick nap takes care of the situation. You're pregnant - you are building a baby, and you cannot do everything you use to do before you became pregnant. Sometimes women - especially moms - forget that and over-extend themselves, the results of which can be fatigue and the feelings of morning sickness.
  8. One of the most popular morning sickness cures is ginger root.
    Try Ginger in many forms - candied ginger, ginger ale, raw ginger (either on its own or in a glass of cold water or hot tea), and for some moms, pickled ginger, can help ease the symptoms of morning sickness. As with any supplement, be wary of taking ginger capsules until you speak with your care provider regarding safe dosages of ginger in your pregnancy diet.
  9. Don't forget to try the remedies that work for you when you
    suffer from motion sickness or have the stomach flu, either as an adult or the comforting remedies from childhood. What worked then will most likely work now to give you morning sickness relief.
  10. Pay attention to what happens during your day, and note when you
    experience your morning sickness. Your morning sickness could follow the Danish you have every morning at 10. Many moms didn't make the correlation between their usual routines and morning sickness. One of the number one culprits of this is taking prenatal vitamins and iron supplements on an empty stomach or too early in the day. If you find that your prenatal vitamins bring on bouts of morning sickness no matter when you take them, ask your care provider about prenatals with lower amounts of iron.

    Other moms have found morning sickness relief by changing their brand of soap, shampoo, or perfume while they were pregnant, or asking their spouse to stop smoking or change colognes.

Over-the-Counter Morning Sickness Relief

There are different types of pregnancy-relief drops, pops, and chewing gum that offer relief for Moms. We offer Preggie Pops and Drops in our store, mainly because so many customers and friends have said, "you need to sell these - they really, really work!" Preggie Pops, and similar products, are an all-natural remedy for morning sickness made specifically for women searching for a drug-free relief from pregnancy and morning sickness.

There is also an acupressure band you can purchase, which is a soft cotton wristband for motion sickness that's available in drugstores. The band has a plastic button that pushes against an acupressure point on
the underside of your wrist. It's a simple, inexpensive method that
has given many people relief from seasickness and morning sickness.

A step up from the acupressure band - at a cost of roughly $75 and available by prescription - is a band that, instead of acting as acupressure, stimulates the underside of your wrist with a mild electric current. This works well for some pregnant moms.

While widely available, do not take over-the-counter antacids or other stomach soothers without first talking to your care provider. Maalox may have worked wonders for your friend's cousin's sister, but it may not be safe for you and your baby during your pregnancy.

Vitamin Supplements and Prescriptions as Morning Sickness Remedies

Many women have found morning sickness relief in taking Vitamin B6. Check with your provider before taking this - or any other supplement. Your care provider will know the recommended and SAFE dosage for you and your baby (which may be different than that of your friend or sister!)

If you have a constant battle with morning sickness, talk to your doctor about a prenatal anti-nausea medication. There are several available that can be prescribed that won't harm the development of your baby. Read our The Risks of Morning Sickness article for signs of severe morning sickness that you should report to your doctor.

Remember - your body is changing every day in response to your pregnancy. Just because a cure didn't work in the first few weeks doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it again in the second or third trimester. Also, while some morning sickness remedies seem to be acts of miraculous healings, others may lessen symptoms to aid in your comfort. The only true cure for morning sickness in pregnancy is to have that baby - but we'd like you to be as comfortable as possible between now and then!

The information on this website is designed for educational purposes only. The information is NOT intended to be a substitute for medical care. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have.