Due Date Calendars

The second most common question asked when you're pregnant (right after are you having a boy or a girl) is "When are you due?" About 5% of all pregnancies actually deliver on the due date, which means that you have a 1 in 20 chance of having your baby on your due date. However, 95% of all births (including those born on the due date) are within two weeks of the due date, either before or after. As you can see, the method they use to calculate due dates is pretty accurate. 

One of our morning rituals was to check the pregnancy calendar we had on our wall to see "what the boys were doing today". A presentation at work seemed a little insignificant when you realized that the boys were growing fingernails that day!

Computer Desktop Calendars

How fun is this? You can count down until the big day, and then the clock switches, and you can count up the hours, days, and years, after your baby gets here, too! Depending on the software you find, you can add your own photos and sound clips as well.

Pregnancy Sites

Several pregnancy related sites feature charts the baby's development from the smallest embryo to a newborn baby! Ultrasound pictures compliment the week-by-week description of what happens to both Mom and baby. As with anything else on the web, you can find a chart that has exactly what you need, including photos, pregnancy tips, and other information.

Wall or Desktop Calendars

Your ob/gyn or midwife should have a wall calendar you can put up to watch the day-to-day, or week-by-week events in your unborn baby's life. If not, hospitals and doulas are another great resource. Desktop daily calendars are also a great way to keep up with your baby's development daily, and most include fun facts about baby's development, pregnancy tips, and other useful information.